Fri 1 Mar 13 – St David’s Day

Posted: March 1, 2013 by ollyoz in girl
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A Dewi Sant!

For Time:

60 Pull Ups
60 Dips
60 Sit Ups

You can complete these in any order and break them down as you wish. You just need to have completed the total.


“Grace” Revisited

For Time

30 Power Clean & Jerk (60/30)

I can’t make it until 1.30 today. Can someone list time and place please?

  1. Did Grace RX for 5:57. I reckon some pushing from other box members might have shaved up to 30secs off. Still, v happy when compared to Monday’s attempt.

  2. Steve Shearer says:

    60 Pull ups (set of 20, 10 then all kinds of shit)
    60 Dips (sets of 10)
    60 Sit ups (sets of 30, heels together hands touching in front!)


    Next time might try 2:2:2 for 30 times and see how it compares.

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