Sat 2 Mar 13

Posted: March 2, 2013 by ollyoz in General
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Three rounds for time of:

Run 200 meters
100 meter Walking lunge
50 Squats

Deceptively simple WOD today. Don’t be fooled.

Lunges require the front foreleg to be vertical with the thigh at 90 degrees. Do not allow your knee to push beyond the end of your toes. The rear knee must kiss the ground before you stand.

Squats must be done properly. Crease of the hips below the knees. Push your knees out wide as you lower. Extend arms upward to maintain that straight back.

Post times below.

  1. 14:27. Squatted to a 6″ breeze-block every time. Lunged to the floor. Couldn’t carry my 11mo daughter up the stairs after!! This may hurt tomorrow.

    • Steve Shearer says:

      Did this one in the park, measured out 100m on GPS,
      Squatted to a fence post for full range of movement,
      Touched trailing knee to the floor
      Thought I’d started the timer, but alas no!
      Doh. No time to show for my efforts.

  2. Martin Twist says:

    15.07 Took my rest day on Sat and did this one on Sun morning – hard work! Will be in Warminster for the next 2 weeks, so will try to keep up with WODs from there.

    • Excellent time! On average, that time puts you on about the 65 percentile. So only 35% of general CrossFitters are ahead of you. Brilliant! I’ll put a link up later to the ‘bodyweight WODs’.

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