Thurs 21 Mar 13 – Wall balls

Posted: March 21, 2013 by ollyoz in General
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For time:

150 Wall Balls (5/3kg)

Start at bottom, hips below knees.
Extend to top, hips and knees locked out.
Launch ball to the high marks and low marks, men and women respectively.
Catch ball and let it drive you to the bottom once more.

Get low on the squat. If your hip crease does not get below your knees, it simply doesn’t count – No Rep.

1215 Whaley Club

I am not there today, please collect key from gym staff. Have fun!

Scores below.

  1. Steve Shearer says:

    Personally I broke it down into 30s with a 5-10 sec break to shake out my legs. Everyone noted how much effort it took on the shoulders at a relatively early stage, and that was with 5/3Kg.
    I could have gone for 50s or possibly in a oner, provided I didn’t need to use my arms or legs the next day.
    Having seen 13.3, good luck with those muscle ups!

    • I’m planning on 4 x 25 then 20, 20 and 10 with 10 seconds rest in between. If done correctly, this should give me about 5 mins to get Double Unders and Muscle Ups done. As long as I’ve got more than 1 minute to do muscle ups then I’ll beat last year’s score (244).

  2. Steve Shearer says:

    Wall Balls weren’t enough for our intrepid band of X’fiters, somebody thought we should add Tabata sit-ups! So here are the scores on the door Miss Ford!

    Shaun – 6:13 & 72 (Rx)
    Si – 7:02 & 72 (Rx)
    Donna – 6:55 & 80 (Rx)
    Lou – 7:23 & 71 (Rx)
    Paddy – 5:45(4Kg) & 90
    Steve – 5:42 & 119 (Rx)

    • EXCELLENT work by everyone and a good turnout again too!

      I’m particularly interested in the wall ball times as tomorrow night I’ll attempt 13.3 which has 150 Wall Balls with a 20lb (9kg) ball.

      Nicely done on the Sit Ups too. Next week, Tabata Burpees! ;o)

  3. Paddy says:

    yeah i will be there

  4. Donna says:

    Is anyone going today?

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