Thurs 02 May

Posted: May 1, 2013 by ollyoz in General
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3 RFT:

25 x Sit Ups (GHD)
50 x Press Ups
75 x Air Squats

  1. Paddy says:

    9:40 – Scaled

    15 x Sit Ups (GHD)
    25 x Press Ups
    50 x Air Squats

  2. Steve Shearer says:

    15:31 RX

    If I had know you were taking phots I wouldn’t have worn such moth bitten shorts and risked showing my plums!

  3. Donna says:

    10min 6

  4. 15:51 RX

    That sucked big ones.

    There are some amazing photos from today……some that will make the gallery….some that won’t.
    Well worked from every single person. A new movement which means new pains tomorrow. Make sure you keep stretching off and we’ll finish on a high tomorrow.

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