Thurs 23 May – 12/9/6 For Time

Posted: May 22, 2013 by ollyoz in General
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12-9-6 For Time:

Kettlebell Thrusters (2 x 16 / 2 x 12kg)
Weighted (KB) Box Jumps (16 / 12kg)
4 x Double Unders

1215hrs Whaley Club

Scores Below

  1. After taking it a little too easy yesterday, I hope I made up for it today. With 5 days rest coming up on Saturday, I decided to do this despite yesterday’s epic.

    4:01 RX. If I’d known I was that close to 4mins, I’m sure I could have squeezed another second or two out of it.

  2. steve shearer says:

    As soon as I picked up the 16Kg DB I quickly realised the jumps were single. First set of du’s were hard to get into a rhythm.

    7:52 Rx’d (used dumb bells)

  3. steve shearer says:

    Are the box jumps with 1 x 16 or 2x 16 KBs?

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