Monday 17 June 13 – 7min AMRAP – Toes2Bar, KB Swing, Sprint

Posted: June 16, 2013 by ollyoz in General
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7min AMRAP:

10 x Toes to Bar
10 x KB Swing (20 / 16kg)
50m Sprint

Record number of rounds to comments below.

1100hrs Whaley Club

  1. 5 Rounds knee to chest (ish)

  2. steve Shearer says:

    6 rounds +7 T2B (RX)
    need to work on getting a rhythm for T2B.

  3. Natalie Hodgkins says:

    Nat – 3 x rounds knee to elbow + 1 x round at 12kg KB Swing
    Leanne – 4 x rounds knee to chest

  4. Donna says:

    5 plus 2 toes to bar RX

  5. 6 Rounds plus 10 x T2B and 2 x KB Swing RX

    Tremendous turnout today, thank you to all who put the effort in to get out of the office and in to the box. I really hope that you are beginning to see benefits from the work you are putting in. From my perspective I see genuine gains across each and every person on a weekly basis. It’s really heartening.

    Still, it is you box and I do appreciate feedback. Please let me know if you feel we are lacking anywhere or if there is something you think we could change.

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