Thurs 04 Jul 13 – 5’s

Posted: July 3, 2013 by ollyoz in General
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T~Rex Hates Wall Balls

12min AMRAP:

5 x Sit Up to Stand
5 x Toes To Bar
5 x Box Jumps
5 x Wall Balls
5 x Pull Up

1100hrs The Box (above Costcutter)

  1. steve shearer says:

    9 rounds dead.

    Thanks for the support from those that were able to stay. I WASN’T late I was turning up for an individual session at 12 o’clock having travelled from Reading, but if anyone disagrees I’ll do 10 burpees tomorrow! xx

  2. Dribblers!! The key is with the gym staff, go collect.

    8 rounds plus 4 x SitUp-to-Stand – I always like those long AMRAPs; you never get that burny throat feeling……just utter exhaustion.

  3. Donna says:

    I left my water bottle there too!!!

  4. Paddy says:

    6 Rounds

    Did anyone pick up a ‘My Protein’ mixer bottle when they left? I think I left it on the window sill by the door.

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