Thurs 11 Jul 13 – 10min AMRAP

Posted: July 10, 2013 by ollyoz in General
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10min AMRAP:

10 x Push Press (40 / 24kg)
5 x Burpees
5 x Toes To Bar

Push Press with bar or 2 x Kettlebells.

I am being ejakated in Shriv today and so cannot make it; I shall do this  at home tonight.


1100hrs Whaley Club

  1. Did this on Sat morning. 8 + 10 Push Press. Worked harder towards the end when Lisa came out. Ergo, didn’t work hard enough for first 5 rounds. Still, close to passing out at end, I think.

  2. Al Ireland says:

    9 rounds + T2B RX – hard going

  3. Donna says:

    7 rounds plus 3PP – 2 rounds with 12kg kettlebells the rest with 10kg

  4. Sean Helsby says:

    finding it hard to get there at 11:00 at the mo

    did it in the Gym, 7 rounds complete RX

  5. steve shearer says:

    Just a small group of four today.

    7 rounds + 10 PP (RX)

  6. Olly Oz says:

    Arms feeling heavy this morning, sore just after the warm up!!

    10 rounds + 5 PP.

    2x 20kg KB. Clever? An hour and half of sparring this eve to come.

  7. Al says:

    Mate there is a beaver fit frame at the Shriv gym now so you could crack it there after the course / during lunch

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