Thurs 25 July 13 – Overhead Squats, Rope Pull Ups and Wall Balls

Posted: July 24, 2013 by ollyoz in General
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5 x 5 Overhead Squat


10 – 1 For Time:

Rope Pull Ups (Towel)
Wall Balls

Bring a towel!

1100hrs at the Box

  1. Miss you matie…..however, I think you’ve got other things to take up your time. Bring Becky and the nippers in for a WOD! We can do CF Kids too.

  2. Al ireland says:

    I’ll catch up on the WODs later on this week here at Thorney island gym. It’s amazing how addicted you become to going to the box.

  3. Olly Oz says:

    Practise required on the OHS!

    5X5 10/10/10/20/20kg

    5:54 I think for the pull up/ wall ball.

    MSN. Work on shoulders, handstands and technique IOT achieve Muscle Ups!!

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