New T-Shirts

Posted: August 7, 2013 by ollyoz in Uncategorized

New T-shirts have now been ordered. After 8 months with the current supplier, we’ve decided on a change; with that, the emblems and logos have been revisited.

There is a slight modification to what you see here:

On the rear, the text “The Undefeated Spirit” sits beneath the image with “Whale Island” and “Portsmouth” respectively below that in slightly smaller text (same font).

These new t-shirts are the same price as the previous ones but instead of 100% cotton, we’ve gone for a Tri-Blend “American Apparel” t-shirt to reduce stretching, reduce weight and look a damn sight better!

At this time, they are only in Charcoal Grey but we’ll review that for the next order.

Cheers to Antony (you’ll meet him at some point soon) for the significant time and help on this.

The next order will be in Sept.


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