Wed 21 Aug 13 – Deadlift + 20min AMRAP

Posted: August 20, 2013 by ollyoz in General
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5 x 5 Deadlift

20min AMRAP:

100m Sprint
10 x Rope Pull Ups
20 x Double Unders
10 x Thruster (40 / 30kg)

If no kit:

5 RFT:

400m Run
50 x Air Squat (full depth!)

  1. ollyoz says:

    How do I see the programme? I can’t find it. Then I wont beast the crap out of myself with extra sessions!!!

  2. Appreciating that Olly and I did deadlifts on Monday, who else did? Deadlifts are really important and should have been done today. The lifting program that I’ve put together is basic but successful and mostly achievable with the kit we have. You may still feel last week’s lifts in the upper back but that is fine, you should at this stage. Where possible, for best effect, try to keep to the lifting schedule. After 3 weeks, there will be a week of 1 Rep Max work, a week of light “skill” work and then another 3+1 week rotation again.

    Anyway, scores look good! I’m able to do RX tonight so will give it a bash. I’ll do hang power cleans too in order to see how far behind I am.

    Were there any photos today?

    • ollyoz says:

      No phots today, we had to do the WOD outside the main gym, so it was all a little disjointed with little warm up to the 5×5 – hence I think I overstretched. We have a key for tomorrow so all should work with that. Do you want us to crack the 5×5 DL tomorrow prior to WOD? We had such good intentions to start early today to get through it all and everything conspired against us!

      • You won’t want to do DL tomorrow, it’s Grace!

      • ollyoz says:

        I returned to the gym tonight to regain some confidence with a light technique session which we should have started with today. Apologies to all for not gripping the session at the start, but it was quite rushed in the end, after we were trying to find a place to train!

  3. Steve says:

    Hang cleans = 60-60-65-65-70

    140m sprint
    10 x KB swing (16Kg. Al had only 20 and no 18s!)
    20 DU
    10 x Thruster (40Kg)

    6 rds + 10 KB swing + 20 DU + 5 Thruster.
    Sooo close to 7.

    1 bar muscle up at the end, to pooped for anymore.

  4. Donna says:

    OOPs not RX – only used 20kg on the Thrusters!!

  5. Donna says:


    WOD RX – 6 + 50m

  6. Al says:

    Hang Clean – 60-70-75-75-75 the last set was emotional, took a couple of mins to complete.

    WOD – 7 rnds +140m, + 7 KB Swings (20kg)

    Had some swing time on the pull up bar in the gym afterwards, managed 3 x muscle ups in a row, now to crack them on the straight bars!

  7. ollyoz says:

    Replaced deadlift with hang clean for 5×5.

    20 MIN AMRAP was reorganised due to the WC key being misplaced (no signature for it being signed out), so we used the main gym.
    140m sprint
    10 KB swings 20/16 KG (only one 20 avail)
    20 DU
    10 Thrusters (40/30)

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