Mon 30 Sept 13 – L-Sit Pull Ups/Dips

Posted: September 29, 2013 by ollyoz in General
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Today will not be the Competition WOD. We will save that until Wed when I return.
Until then, see below:

10 for Quality

1 x L-Sit Pull Up
1 x L-Sit Dip

L-Sit Pull Ups may be done on Bars or Rings.
L-Sit Dips should be done between 2 x Double Stacked Benches.

Olly has a good finished for the end!

Movements should be slow and controlled.

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  1. ollyoz says:

    Perhaps tomorrow, or I was considering doing it tonight as I’m feeling quite fresh after a restful weekend and a chilled session today. If I do, I’ll film it.

  2. Olly Oz says:

    Did some snatch practise as this is my biggest weakness – then I found out L sit dips were also a weakness, so I did five second holds in position as there was no way I could dip in that position!!

    Tabata row to finish – 1012m

  3. Completed after 5×5 Hang Power Cleans @ 70kg.

    Did dips on rings. Form maintained throughout until last 2.

    Mainsite WOD tonight.

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