Fri 27 Dec 13 – Tabata Push Ups

Posted: December 26, 2013 by ollyoz in General
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Tabata Push Ups

8 Rounds of:

20secs Push Ups
10secs Rest

Record total for each 20 second period.

Do the movement correctly. Chest and Thighs should touch the ground each time at the bottom. The Arms should be locked out at the top. Remember that you are recording your scores against everyone else doing this and we have movement standards for well-documented, justifiable reasons.

Of all the movements that we do, this is the one that gets abused the most, DO IT RIGHT!!

  1. Dave H says:

    Rolled out of bed straight into this, and the discovered that the storms had cut off the water so no shower 😷

    A rather disappointing 81

  2. 130 RX. No warm up, straight in to on living room floor. Nose, chest and thighs touched floor everytime.

  3. 111

    Focused on form. Tried to maintain 15 reps throughout but only managed for 6 of 8.

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