Wed 29 Jan 14 – Amanda

Posted: January 28, 2014 by ollyoz in Uncategorized

Warm up:

3 mins Hip Mobility
3 mins Shoulder Mobility
10 x Pull Ups
10 x Ring Dips / Dips
30/30 Squats
Junkyard Dog

Strength @ 1115hrs :

Deadlift 3 3 3 3 3 3 3
90secs Rest

WOD @ 1135hrs :

For time :

9-7-5 of :

Squat Snatch 70/45kg

Progression is 3 x Pull Ups and 3 x Dips per MU

Record Deadlift Weights and Time for WOD

  1. ollyoz says:

    120/130/140/145/150/155/160 DL – no WOD, poorly elbow.

  2. Al says:


    6:01. 40kg squat snatch, scaled to pull ups and dips. should have gone to progressive MU; this is my weak area and requires more work!

  3. 90-120-130-135-140-145 (2)-140

    Amanda = 6:53
    13 of the MU were from full hang, remaining 8 were jumping
    30Kg Split Snatch. Couold have gone heavier but wanted to focus on MU.

  4. 120/130/140/145/150/155/160

    Video of my form at 160kg shows significant improvement over the last few months. Time to start increasing the weight. Interestingly, barefoot lifting gave me far more stability than even flatties.

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