Wed 05 Mar 14 – Clean Ladder

Posted: March 4, 2014 by ollyoz in General, girl
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Warm Up

Junkyard Dog
3min Hip Mobility
3min Squat Hold
20 x Goblet Squat
500m Row


12 min AMRepAP:

40 x Box Jumps 24/18″
15 x Clean, 40/30kg
30 x Box Jumps
15 x Clean, 60/40kg
20 x Box Jumps
15 x Clean, 80/50kg
10 x Box Jumps
As many Cleans as possible in the remaining time, 90/60kg


Male Cleans: 30/40/50/55kg
Female Cleans: 15/22.5/30/35kg

  1. Olly Oz says:

    157 – 90kg felt heavy.

  2. Paddy says:

    120 RX

  3. 134 and happy. Ok, I might have been able to squeeze out the final 80kg rep but I was more focussed on getting box jumps correct and was very happy with the way they went; getting bounding boxjumps repeatedly is a huge step forward for me and will significantly improve my scores in the Open.

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