Fri 23 May

Posted: May 22, 2014 by ollyoz in Uncategorized

We are going to revisit some of the tests next week.  I am going to break them down slightly through the week.  Rest hard this weekend!

Warm Up

Run 600m loop


10 Push Ups

5 Pull Ups


20 Double Unders

10 Pass Throughs

Back, Hip and Shoulder Mobility


HSPU and Pistols


a.  4 x 800m – maintain pace

2 mins rest

  1. dave H says:

    It was a little bit blowy around the loop running with all my mates 😦

    Lap 1 3:00 mins
    Lap 2 3:01 mins
    Lap 3 2:59 mins
    Lap 4 2:56 mins

    total time 17:56 – RX

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