About CrossFit Keelhaul

Established in Jan 2013, CrossFit Keelhaul was set up to forge a community of fitness, personal goal-orientated and determined athletes from across the military and civilian staff of the Royal Naval Command Headquarters.

CF Keelhaul takes its athletes away from their comfort zones and in to a mutually-supporting, competitive community where they can gain confidence in understanding their own potential while setting achievable and realistic goals to reach it.

CFK New Rig

Team CFK

Since CrossFit Keelhaul has been breathing fire, there have been incredible changes in its athletes. The drive and determination of the great community that we have here has seen improvements across all 10 aspects of fitness. Significant weight has been lost, strength increased, movements improved, flexibility and gymnastic ability developed. The community has grown tighter but so very inclusive and supportive of newcomers. Genuinely, All are welcome.

CrossFit Keelhaul was established by in Jan 2013 and is perfectly placed within the HQ of the Royal Navy to deliver excellence in those willing to give fitness 100%. As of May 2014, the coaching team of Donna, Olly and Al lead a band of proactive and driven athletes all seeking that pursuit of elite fitness. Come in and join us.

As part of our affiliation to CrossFit, it is our responsibility to develop future CrossFit trainers in order to further the CrossFit family and ensure the future of CrossFit Keelhaul.

Our affiliation to CrossFit was approved on 19 Jan 13.


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