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In joyous celebration of Baby Ireland #2, Al has created this WOD to make the day as memorable for us as for him.

Buy In: 14 Handstand Pushups – STRICT


20 mins AMRAP

13 x Goblet Squat (20/16kg)
Run 50 m
13 x KB swing (20/16kg)
Run 50 m
Single Arm KB Snatch, 7 per arm (20/16kg)
Run 50
13 x Pressup


14 x Handstand Pushups – STRICT


Record number of complete rounds + partial


6 RFT:

4 x KB Snatch Single Arm Per Arm ( 20kg / 16kg – 4 each arm!)

13 x Double Unders (13 x Single Arm Wall Jumps, substitution)

4 x Handstand Push Up – Strict, no kipping

13 x Hand Release Push Up

4 x Pull Ups (Strict)

13 x Burpees

As a reminder of KB Snatches:

1100hrs Whaley Club link:




Cash In: 100 x Double Unders

5 RFT:

22 x Kettlebell Swing (20/16kg)
22 x Wall Balls (9/8kg)
22 x Goblet Squat (20 / 16kg)

Cash Out: 100 x Double Unders

Score is the total time for WOD, including the Double Unders.

1100hrs Whaley Club.