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Warm Up

30/30 Squats
20 x Lunges
20 x Ground to Overhead (Barbell)
3min Hip Mobility
3min Shoulder Mobility



3 RFT:

30 x Wall Balls (9/6kg)
30 x Sumo Deadlift High-Pull (35/20kg)
30 x Box Jump (20/16″)
30 x Push Press (35/20kg)
Row 30 calories
30 x Push Ups
10 x Back Squat (Bodyweight)


If you’re not taking part in the Whale Island Tough Challenge then this is your WOD. I suspect the former will be much easier.


Complete as many rounds in 25 minutes as you can of:

7 x Muscle-Ups
11 x Thruster 70/50kg
14 x Toes-to-bar

I’m intending to scale this!

Taken from Sunday 121014

Post Rounds below

For time:

43 x Clean and Push Jerk (60/40kg)
Run 500m
43 x Pull Ups
Row 1000m
43 x Burpees
Run 500m
129 x Double Unders

Bring Towels!

Time Below

Today is a great opportunity for those who not been for a while to rejoin us. A big team WOD that really test you to the core.

Hero WOD in memory of Royal Marine Pete Clark who sadly died on operation in Tanzania.


Team WOD

6 Rounds For Time of:

8 x Over Bar Burpees
10 x Thrusters (60/40kg)
20 x Overhead Walking Lunges with a 20/10kg plate
10 x Shoulder to Overhead (50/20kg)
20 x Overhead Walking Lunges with a 20/10kg plate
10 x Overhead Squats (50/20)
20 x KB Swings (32/24)

Each team member must complete 2 rounds.

Times are in competition with CF Southern Legion, CF Trafalgar and CF Fareham

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“Falkel” Scaled

Complete as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes of:

4 x Handstand Push-Ups
4 x Box Jumps (30 / 21″)
4 x Towel / Rope Pull Ups (Strict)

For time:

22 Cal Row
25 Squat Cleans (42.5kg/30kg)
22 Double Unders
25 Bar-hop burpees
22 Double Unders
25 Push Press (42.5kg/30kg)
22 Double Unders
25 Pull Ups
22 Cal Row

In a break from the norm, please find the tribute Hero WOD to Drummer Lee Rigby, being worked throughout the CF community this week.

A Hero WOD today and a chance for a real burner. All Hero WODs are dedicated to a fallen warrior. Many are US servicemen but there are plenty of Brits in there too. They are all very difficult and take a long time. Don’t be intimidated by this, we’re all in it together.

“Zeus” (modified)

Three rounds for time of:

30 x Wall ball shots, 5kg
30 x Sumo Deadlift High-Pull, 20kg Sandbag
30 x Box jump, 20″ box
10 x Handstand Push Up
30 x Jumping Pull Ups
30 x Push-ups
30 x Sandbag Back Squat

1100hrs in Whaley Club. We’ll start the WOD at 1115hrs sharp.

Bring a friend today. Find someone new and convince them of the absolute need to do CrossFit with us.



Well done! Quite phenomenal work.
Thanks to Steve for coming to cheer us on too.