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5 Rounds for Total:

1 min Handstand Hold
1 min Air Squats
1 min Pull Ups

Score Total Pull Ups and Air Squats

1100hrs, you know the place (Whaley Club, if not)

I’m not in today.

Aim to hold the handstand for as long as you can in the first min.



x3 Double Unders
Box Jumps (24/18″)
KB Swing (24/18kg)
Back Squat (partner of ~equal weight)

1215hrs at Whaley Club.

Bring someone new.


Warm Up:

400m Run

2 x

10 Thrusters (10 / 5)
10 Pass-thrus
10 Overhead Squat (15/5/PVC Pipe)

Over’n’Under Game


Kettlebell Swing
Pull Ups

WOD 1:

Tabata Sit Ups

WOD 2:

15-12-9 for Time of:

Kettlebell Swings (20/16)
Sandbag Thrusters (20/15)

1215-1315 Whaley Club, Londis

10 min AMRAP of:

5 dip progressions
10 barbell or PVC overhead squats
15 hollow rocks

Can 2 barbells please be collected from the main gym? I’ll have them secured by the staff for us.

Bring iPod if you don’t like the music and we can listen to yours.

1100 Whaley Club, NOT 1215 today.

Today’s workout will begin at 1200 SHARP (not 1215) in the Whaley Club.


Power Cleans (Sandbag)
Box Jumps (for height)
Kipping Pull Ups
Double Unders
Hollow Rocks


8min AMRAP

5 Sandbag Power Cleans
7 Box Jumps
9 Sit Ups

If you’ve not brought someone new to CrossFit this week, then today is your chance!

Oh, I forgot to mention, if you want to bring your own iPod then you can, else it’s my music…..sorry!



Brilliant work today!

10 rounds for Sid and 9 for Steve – Hoofing.

Prize for best technique throughout goes to Lou.

For Time:

Buy In:

400-meter Run

2 rounds of:

15 Sandbag Squats (20/10kg)
15 Pull-Up progressions
15 Sandbag Thrusters (20/10kg)
15 Knees-to-Elbows progressions
15 Double-Unders (45 Single)

Cash Out:

400-meter Run

Bring your own Skipping Rope if you have one.

1215hrs, Whaley Club.

Bring towel and water.

Happy St Valentine’s Day.

Enough of that.

1215 in the Whaley Club (Londis)


Handstand Hold

Knees to Elbows

Hollow Rocks


5 Rounds For Time:

7 x Wall Balls

7 x Push Ups (Hand Release)

7 x Pull Up Progressions

Today will see the introduction of the NO REP should the standard not be met on each exercise.